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Ok, it is true that I did not work on Qompoter this summer. I have almost finished the new “qompoter update” feature, but some unit tests were still failing until today. Anyway here is my wishlist for the end of 2018:

  • Finishing “qompoter update”. This will be really useful to ensure old applications will never be disturb by new versions of a package.
  • Put some useful Qompoter packages on Github. I am using plenty of Qompoter packages every days. Some of them could be helpful for others.
  • Create a Qompoter Debian package. This is part of my goal to better understand Debian. Qompoter is just a bash script, it should be “easy” to create a deb file for it.

A good work starts with a good plan. At least I am on the good track ;-)

Written on September 27, 2018